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Digital Sprite 2

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Why install two when one will do?

The Digital Sprite 2 has always set the standard for easy to use, reliable digital video recording with integrated telemetry control.  Now a new generation of the DS2 is available that retains the features that have made the product so popular but adds significant improvements in local and networking functionality

Flexible one box solution
The new DS2 now combines Transmission with Telemetry Control and Recording into one platform so there is no need for additional hardware when integrating a comprehensive CCTV solution.  Furthermore, on-site operations have been enhanced with features such as DVD archiving and Duoview whilst maintaining the DS2’s familiar user interface.

MultiMode Recording
Taking the functionality and flexibility of the DS2 to a new level, MultiMode Recording gives greater control over individual camera settings by providing settable recording resolutions (4CIF down to QCIF), dynamically switchable MPEG-4/JPEG compression settings and configurable record rates per camera. This increased flexibility allows greater freedom in how CCTV systems can be configured and allows the user to record cameras how they like, when they like.

Feature packed
With features such as simultaneous MPEG-4 transmission and JPEG recording, spot monitor alarm switching, and improved activity detection adding to its already comprehensive feature list (such as its GOTO and Event Recall search tools), its palette of essential tools for both the local and remote operator are hard to beat.

A great combination
The user-friendly interface, remote management capability and leading edge features mean that the new DS2 can provide greater control and flexibility than ever before, and as part of the ‘NetVu Connected’ family the new DS2 is built to adapt to future advances in security technology, protecting your investment for years to come.