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Hard Drive Replacement

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  • Hard Drive Replacement

    This training course has been designed to allow installers to replace Hard Disk drives in our DVR and Video Server products including DS2, BX2, SD and DV-IP Server. This course should take approximately 2 hours to complete.

    This course should take approximately 2 hours to complete (including assessment). After gaining a Pass source on the assessment, you will be able to print out an Approved Certificate and you will be able to download the account application form to purchase Hard Disk Drives directly from Dedicated Micros. You will also be able to download a reference manual for Hard Drive replacement.

    Whats covered?
    • Introduction to Hard Disk Drives
    • Sensitivity of HDD's
    • Hard Disk Handling
    • DVR Failure analysis
    • Legacy DS2, DS2A and DS2P models
    • DS2AD and DS2PD Models
    • SD Range
    • Assessment
    • How to maximise DVR reliability
    What is gained?

    Training and Certification that will allow direct purchase of Hard Disk drive kits directly from Dedicated Micros and also make product returns to the Service Centre.

    Who should take this course?

    Installation Engineers responsible for the installation and programming of the DS2, BX2, SD and DV-IP Server range of products from Dedicated Micros.

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